WBC Silver Champion Martin Murray escapes disciplinary aciton

 Martin Murray couldn’t control his feelings as he lashed out at former WBC silver middleweight champion Roberto Garcia as they squared up during their weigh in. 

Several incidents are said to have taken place in the build up to the clash, with the two fighters making their feelings known ahead of their big clash, where the position for Gennady Golovkin’s WBC title is calling.

The fighters both successfully weighed in before the ultimate face to face stare off took place. Being mere inches apart, the stare lasted 15 seconds with Murray feeling more and more agitated. It wasn’t until the two fighters turned towards the cameras when Murray lashed out, muttering under his breath as he shoved the Mexican across the room. All hell broke lose as Garcia’s trainers reacted furiously, being held back only by the security guards.


The incident certainly put a lot of heat on the WBC and it’s Disciplinary Committee who have investigated the facts surrounding the clash. WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman has been in direct contact with Martin Murray to clarify all aspects which led him to react the way he did. Being known to WBC for many years, Murray has received praise for his exemplary behaviour outside the ring, with extensive community work in support of the youth helping him maintain a high level of respect.


Speaking on behalf of WBC, their President Sulaiman said,

“My communication with Murray was extremely respectful, and he is aware of the dangers that any physical aggression during press conferences or weigh-ins could produce. He has expressed a sincere full apology to the public in general and boxing fans. Murray also apologized to García and his team before and after their fight.”


Sulaiman states that there were several incidents which led to Murray’s reaction, the reason for which the WBC will communicate fully with Garcia’s camp separately. Upon speaking with the persons involved, the WBC confirms that there will be no further action regarding this case and will only issue a warning to both fighters and their representatives, which will follow with additional awareness information for them to study.

WBC conclude their statement by saying they are proud of their silver middleweight champion Martin Murray and wish great success.