WBC Convention 2019

Cancun is the host venue for the 57th convention of the World Boxing Council, an event which brings together Boxing`s greatest stars all in one place. 

It is a significant event in the boxing calendar which draws boxing professionals from across the world together in one place. Not only will there be some of the greatest international boxing stars, but the celebration is also an opportunity to focus on the sport.

The annual convention unites delegates from all member-countries and key boxers from all over the world. The event will combine lectures, specialist medical clinics, ranking meetings and open sessions to determine challengers for each champion in the 17 divisions.

The rating and mandatory’s is often the most interesting parts of the convention, where the promoters and managers can become animated on occasion arguing their cases for their respective fighters.

There will also be time and space afforded to specific seminars for ring officials, including judges and referees. 

The convention will also be the platform for considering the health and safety of the boxer, which is absolutely paramount to the WBC.

The 57th convention is a historic event that gives the WBC the opportunity to get along together and share experiences with all the members of our Green and Gold Global Family. 

The World Boxing Council convention is guided by the president Mauricio Sulaiman and his Vice Presidents from all the World Regions.

Some of the most famous are:

  • British Boxing Board of Control ( & Commonwealth Council)
  • North American Boxing Federation
  • African Boxing Union
  • European Boxing Union
  • Ocean Pacific Boxing Federation
  • Asian Boxing Council Organisation
  • FEDCARBOX Central America
  • CIS Slovenian Boxing Bureau
  • South American Boxing Federation

It will offer great moments of joy and fulfilment as well as strengthening and reinforcing ties plus meeting and talking with many of our current champions and great legends who have made history in the WBC.

There are many iconic unforgettable events in our history. One which especially stands out was the coronation of Muhammad Ali as King of Boxing, which was celebrated in Cancun a few years ago, defining and honouring The Greatest`s unparalleled and extraordinary contributions to our sport.

Muhammad Ali was a heavyweight champion boxer and one of the greatest sporting figures of the 20th century. An Olympic gold medalist and the first fighter to capture the heavyweight title three times, Ali won 56 times in his 21-year professional career. Born Cassius Clay Jr., Ali changed his name in 1964 after joining the Nation of Islam. Parkinson’s syndrome severely impaired Ali, but he remained active as a humanitarian and goodwill ambassador in his final years.

The convention will run from Sunday 20th October, through to Saturday 26th October and will be hosted at the Grand Oasis in Cancun, Mexico.

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