WBC comes down hard on fake belt makers

In our continuing efforts to protect the integrity of our intellectual properties, including our valuable trademarks, we monitor the activities of manufacturers and distributors of unauthorised, fake or counterfeit WBC merchandise.  Recently, we noticed that WBC belts are being sold by a merchandiser based on the U.K. through the website www.WBCBelts.com.  Please be advised that the owners of that site are not authorised WBC merchants and that the WBC does not in any way endorse their merchandise that, by the way, bears the WBC famous name and logo.  The WBC has its own merchandising programs that sell and distributes authorised WBC merchandise (see www.wbcboxing.com for authorised distributors)  Accordingly, the owners of www.WBCBelts.com are unlawfully attempting to use the WBC intellectual property without any authority and for their own gain and to the detriment of the WBC.


The website in question includes banners and content that infringe upon the World Boxing Council´s trademarks registered in the U.S., and established worldwide. That site sells unauthorised, counterfeit WBC merchandise.  In doing so, www.WBCBelts.com advertises WBC boxing belts that include the WBC name, initials and logos, all of which are registered trademarks in the U.S., and are established throughout the world.  That includes particularly, the registered mark WBC for “Clothing, namely championship belts” in International Class 25.  Those are the very items the www.WBCBelts.com site sells.  The WBC trademarks the World Boxing Council own are famous and have gained secondary meaning in the boxing world.  Therefore, the owners of www.WBCBelts.com are profiting unjustly from the millions of dollars and thousands of hours the WBC has invested in establishing its marks.


The WBC will take any and all measures to protect and defend its trademarks from unauthorised use and to prevent the sale and proliferation of fake, counterfeit and unauthorised WBC merchandise.  The WBC will not hesitate to commence legal action against infringers and any parties that by their actions or inaction, subvert the activities of infringers and other wrongdoers.

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