How to increase your punching power training at home

Although gyms are reopening, the restrictions put in place may significantly reduce the number of people entering it at once. If your gym works with a booking system, then it means that if you are fast enough, you may miss out on your place. Never fear. Missing out on your space doesn’t mean that you cant train. We will show you how you can increase your punching power at home.


We will start with an easy one. It is not necessarily easy to do, but easy because you can do them anywhere, anytime with minimal space. 

Push-ups are a classic exercise that has been around for a very long time, and there is a reason for that. 

The classic push-up engages all of the vital punching muscles in the upper body. Your arms, shoulders, chest and back will get a great workout completing a few sets of these, and it will help increase your punching power and build your overall upper body strength.

Once you get used to doing push-ups, you can make them more challenging. You can do plyometric push-ups, which will give you explosive power. The plyometric aspects of these can be achieved by doing your standard push-up and forcing your hands off the ground to a clap. For those warriors among us that have already advanced to this stage, you can attempt to lift your entire body off the ground, including your feet. 

If you still require some strength-building before managing a full push-up, then start your sets off on your knees. This will enable you to start building on your upper body strength. 

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You have seen it in the movies, TV series and no doubt read about it in books. Shadowboxing is a huge part of any boxers training. The question is, why? Does throwing punches into the air actually do anything? 

The answer is yes. Shadowboxing, if done correctly and mindfully, can help improve your punching immensely. Muscle memory is an essential aspect of boxing, and practising shadowboxing allows you to get your technique sharp and your muscles to act without thought. Build that instinctual response to your opponent’s moves can be the difference between winning and losing a fight.

Having superior technique will also increase your power. Strength alone is not enough to have a strike of substance. Working out in front of a mirror can help you see gaps and work on them, tightening your moves and making it more difficult to hit you simultaneously.

Isometric punch holds

Isometric punch holds are best done with a partner but can be done with any form of resistance, be it a wall, fence or heavy bag, but always remember to protect your knuckles with handwraps and gloves, even for static exercises. 

So what is an isometric punch hold? It is basically a static punching pose but with reverse pressure on the arm. For example, if you hold a static extended jab, your training partner will apply pressure pushing you back while you remain still for ten seconds. That pressure will engage all the muscles required for punching. 

Doing sets of this is more tiring than you may think but can easily be accomplished at home easily and do a good job of replicating a punch.


Skipping is another classic exercise you will constantly see people doing in the gym. It isn’t just a fantastic way to get you light on your feet, but it also works your arms, wrists, shoulders and back, which all add to the power of punching.

Skipping can be done at home or outside, and although you will need a rope, they are inexpensive. A skipping rope should be a part of any boxers kit and is a fantastic way of building power, stamina and agility. If you want to read more about the benefits of skipping, check out our article here.

Resistance band training

You can find sets of resistance bands for as little as £20. A good set of resistance bands come with handles and door attachments. You can attach them to the door frame and set the bands up at various strengths. 

If you attach the bands at shoulder height and face away from the door, you can replicate your jab-cross techniques with ease. These are an excellent replacement for a punchbag should you find yourself lacking space for one. 

You can use resistance bands in various ways that can help you train at home if the gym is not a viable option. You can complete full-body workouts with little need for space or storage. 


No gym, no problem. You can use these techniques to either add to your current training plan, add a few push-ups to your waking up routine or even complete full workouts from home without the need for a punch bag. 

If you do have the space for a punchbag, then you can’t get much better than a few rounds of striking the heavy bag to increase your punching power. If you have limited space, these techniques can still give you an edge, add to your agility, and increase your power.

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