woman in boxing ring

Together in Isolation

It’s been quite clear that we are living in unprecedented times, as the terrible COVID-19 makes its way around the globe.  

As the lockdown became a reality, I began to wonder how I was going to manage to stay active when my options for physical training are limited at the best of times! Adaptive boxing covered all aspects of my training, so to have that option removed overnight was actually surprisingly unsettling.

I started to think about my boxers at the academy, as they too would be finding themselves without their fitness routine, and even that team spirit, banter and comradery that is so familiar in our local clubs.  

At my Townend, we teach both standing and adaptive boxing alongside each other. I was keen to keep everyone connected and physically active, so after a chat with the other coaches, we decided to take our classes online!  

Finding togetherness through Facebook

We set up a Facebook group, inviting our members and pitched the idea to them. They were totally up for giving the new format a try, and so the very next day, we put on our first interactive boxing workout session!  

So imagine this… There were 3 coaches, two of whom demonstrated the standing workout, whilst I taught a seated equivalent to go with it. Looking back at us were all of our traditional and adaptive boxers, working out together, just as if we were all back in the gym! 

It was so much fun! There were tins of beans for dumbells and washing lines as skipping ropes… We really did have an absolute scream! So much so that we decided to open up the Facebook group to the general public. Within a couple of days, we had welcomed new members of all abilities from around the UK, Germany and the USA!  

I would have never thought to do this, had it not be for the unfortunate events of the Coronavirus epidemic. In a time where there is much sadness and uncertainty, it’s been lovely to see friendly faces and to be able to keep fit from the comfort of our own homes. Staying safe, tackling COVID-19 and being together in isolation.

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