The Mental Benefits of Boxing

You know all about the physical benefits of boxing, but have you ever thought about the mental benefits of boxing?

Whatever your reason for beginning to box was, you’ve probably noticed that it’s had an effect on your body; maybe you can run for longer, your jeans are a bit looser, or you’ve lost weight on the scales. But, the effects of boxing extend far further than your outward appearance, there are plenty of mental benefits of boxing too, read on to find out more.

Maybe you spent all summer on a boxing workout to get shredded for your beach holiday. 

Or working out every lunch break so you’d look great strutting around the park during a heatwave. 

Perhaps you spent your evenings out jogging so you could enjoy the sunsets. 

Whatever the reasons, there always seems to be more motivation, and time, to work out in the summer. 

But often, this motivation seems to fall away in the winter. 

‘It’s too cold, I’ve not got the energy.’

‘It’s too dark, I can’t be bothered.’

‘It’s too wet, I’ll go tomorrow.’

If you’re wondering how to find some energy in the winter, exercise might be the mood booster you’re looking for.

The mental benefits of exercise are huge. 

Working out releases endorphins, the happy hormone, which lifts your mood and fights off the lack of energy that you can often feel in the winter. 

These endorphins are so powerful, that regular exercise can actually be used to treat mild cases of depression and seasonal affective disorder. 

But, when bad weather means you’re not able to get out for your daily run, a boxing workout could be the answer. 

You know all the benefits of boxing for fitness, but, have you ever thought about the mental benefits of your boxing workout?

Boxing Reduces Anxiety and Builds Confidence

When you strap on your gloves and begin your boxing workout, your biggest opponent is often yourself. 

Pushing through the ache of tired arms. Fighting the breathless burning in your chest. 

The only thing holding you back is yourself. 

But, when you smash a training milestone or reach a workout goal, the mental payoff is huge. 

You got yourself to that point. You made yourself stronger, faster, fitter. 

That’s why boxing is so great for building confidence. When you feel strong physically, you feel stronger mentally. 

And this growth in confidence can also help to reduce anxiety. 

Many of the techniques used in the ring to combat an opponent can be used in your day to day life too. From knowing your opposition to discovering your fighting style and developing your defence. 

Boxing Helps you Think More Clearly

Whether you’re sparring with a partner or working through a series of punching bag exercises, boxing is great for clearing your head. The repetitive motion of punching can help your mind to switch off as you focus only on the combination of moves.

Concentrate on the feeling of your muscles tightening and releasing each time you throw a punch to feel more in tune with your body. Focusing on the power of your punches can be a great way to centre your mind and let any other stresses fade away. 

By spending time on simple repetitive tasks for the duration of your boxing workout you can forget about other thoughts and responsibilities that were occupying your mind.

Once you finish your workout, you’ll find your mind is clearer, sharper and more able to work through tasks and problems you might have.  

Boxing is Great for Socialising

When you’re working out at a boxing gym, you’re never alone. You’re surrounded by people all with a common interest; boxing. 

Your fellow boxers could be the perfect people to talk to when you’re in need of a mood boost. They know the dedication and commitment that goes into boxing, and they know the struggle to stay motivated. 

So, when you come together and socialise with your fellow boxers, you can help each other to work harder and stronger. And, this boxing social life can lead to friendships both inside and out of the ring. 

Boxing Improves your Sleep Quality

If you’re someone who struggles to get a good night’s sleep, boxing could help. Scientists have found that high-intensity cardio workouts have a positive impact on sleep quality and the ability to get to sleep. And boxing is a great form of intense cardiovascular exercise. 

When you finish a powerful boxing workout where you’ve given your all in the gym, you’re more likely to sleep well that night. The physical and mental effort you exert makes you more tired but in a healthy way. This tiredness from physical exertion makes you fall asleep faster and fall into a deeper sleep. 

Meaning you wake up the next day feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.  

Boxing Creates Healthy Routines – That Last

When you work out regularly, you begin to create routines in your life that work to boost your mood. The habit of going to the boxing gym each week, or multiple times a week, provides structure to your life. 

This can help with your mental health as you form routines that encourage you to participate in regular exercise and engage in socialising. As you see your physical and mental health grow, you’ll become motivated to continue these routines to maintain this improvement in your health. 

So, if the cold, dark weather has dampened your spirits, why not head to the boxing gym to boost your mood. And brighten up your training session with a pair of bright yellow Cleto Reyes velcro sparring boxing gloves

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