KSI vs Logan Paul 2: The Revolution Will be Televised

Back again: KSI vs Logan Paul 2

In the old days, there was a saying for boxing professionals, ‘the first 20 you learn and the second 20 you earn’.

But, this hasn’t been the case since Lennox Lewis broke the mould, winning the European Boxing Union Championship (EBU) in his 14th ever fight.

Nowadays, boxers break into the big time in their first few fights. Even faster if you’re already a Youtube star with millions of followers.

Perhaps this established fame is why there has been some snobbery surrounding the upcoming fight between KSI and Logan Paul; two Youtubers with a huge fanbase.

It will be the second time they’ve met in the ring.

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KSI vs Logan Paul 1

They first fought hard to draw in Manchester in a “white collar”, or unlicensed, show in August 2018.

Despite doubts about their move from Youtube to boxing, credit where credit is due, commercially it was a successful fight.

Their fight made records and attracted a completely new demographic to the sport.

They have changed the sport forever and will, undoubtedly, go down in the history books.

Have pro debuts without amateur pedigree ever earned as much?

No, they haven’t. So, the rematch will be a must-watch for that alone.

More importantly, perhaps, they have both proven they can fight and are willing to test themselves.

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Building Up to a Rematch

On the 9th November at the Staple Centre, KSI and Logan will make history again as the highest-paid pro debuts ever.

Who would have predicted that a few years ago? Well not enough promoters did, that’s for sure.

Often in the build-up, there has seemed to be a genuine rivalry between the two Youtube stars.

The back and forth hasn’t been nice, or easy to watch. But, both on their names and reputation alone, KSI (@KSIOlajidebt) and Logan (@LoganPaul) can sell tickets.

And sell they do.

As boxers, they are evenly matched. Since their first meeting, they have both turned professional. And, I believe, they have both worked hard to get themselves in the best shape possible.

After the first match, it was clear to see they could both fight and were worthy of becoming professional fighters.

I think their second meeting will be just as entertaining.

In the first fight they wore 12oz gloves, this time, because they’re professional fighters, they will be wearing 10oz gloves.

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Going Out on a Limb With a Prediction

If Logan comes out all guns blazing like he did last time, he could be stopped.

But that is a high-risk strategy, which almost backfired in their first fight.

If he tries to box cleverly, he has his best chance.

KSI, I would say, is a slight favourite because he has sacrificed so much of his Youtube career to get paid in this fight.

The British Youtube star turned pro boxer has chosen to wear Cleto Reyes contest gloves in his bout against Paul.

He has focused more so than he did in his last fight and is training with the talented Viddal Riley (@ViddalRiley) who is a 3-0 fighter.

However, those in the know, know he has the potential to go places in the sport.

Changing the Sport?

The smart promoters, after the 9th, will, perhaps, change the questions they ask when signing a fighter and maybe only ask one.
‘How many social media followers does the fighter have and over which platforms?’

Other Titles up for Grabs

Saunders vs Coceres

Billy Joe Saunders (@bjsaunders_ ) defends his Championship against Marcelo Esteban Coceres. Both undefeated, this will be Marcelo’s first fight outside his native Argentina.

Saunders has fought once outside the UK, defending his title in Canada and looked impressive when on the road.

Billy has had more time to adjust to being a super-middleweight, fighting Championship fights since 2012. Although Marcelo is a worthy challenger.

This will be a very interesting match up. Billy Joe Saunders will likely be very confident he can retain his title and build his fan base on the other side of the pond.

Haney vs Santiago

Devin Haney (@Realdevinhaney) is a great talent who will be defending his WBC Lightweight Championship of the World.

He has fought at a high level for a while now and is currently the youngest World Champion.
The fast, powerful, exciting young boxer will be up against undefeated Alfredo Santiago.
Both have won titles, but Devin has fought at a higher level.

You won’t want to tear your eyes from the ring when this Championship fight starts!

Tickets and information on how to watch KSI vs Logan Paul 2 are available here.

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