Justice for Jack Johnson | At long last

Today, President Donald Trump, has presented a pardon to the great Jack Jonhson, the first black heavyweight champion of the world, yet also and lamentably, a victim of the cruel and searing racism of that era.

President Donald Trump has presented a posthumous pardon for the Great Jack Johnson, the first black Heavyweight Champion of the World,

“It’s a great day for Boxing and humanity, and a big step taken by President Trump,”

Mauricio Sulaimán commented.

The World Boxing Council was present today at the ceremony,  in which the President of United States Donald Trump, granted the posthumous pardon to Jack Johnson. Jack was first African-American champion of heavyweight boxing and a legendary figure of the sport,  who was unjustly condemned 100 years ago due to flagrant racial prejudice.

The dream of Don José Sulaiman, inspired by the wish of Muhammad Ali, was to return the honor to the first black world heavyweight champion is fulfilled today, in the presence of his Sons  Hector and Mauricio Sulaiman Saldivar, in an act of human equality and inclusion, during a ceremony  at the White House in Washington.

World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman, told President Trump

“It’s a great day for Boxing and humanity, and a great step taken by yourself, clearly showing what inclusion and equality means.”

Mauricio applauded  the  presence of  Sylvester Stallone in this historic and momentous event, as he has been:

“The best promoter of boxing in history, because Rocky has been an inspiration for generations of boxers.”

He also recalled and recognized  those times where President Trump used to promote boxing in a magnificent way in the 90s, as an entrepreneur

WBC President  Mauricio Sulaiman also highlighted the presence of one of the best WBC heavyweights in history Lennox Lewis who was there alongside the current heavyweight champion  Deontay Wilder.

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