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Keep the Family Fit with a Home Workout for Kids and Adults

Little ones under your feet? A home workout for kids could help

While we’re all stuck in lockdown and unable to get to the gym for our usual workouts, we’re having to get creative with how we exercise at home. 

Running laps of the estate can get dull after a while and, if you’re usually big into your weight training, then it can be hard to find a solution at home that replicates your usual routines without spending out on new equipment.

Add into that mix some energy-filled, over-excited kids desperate for your attention and it can feel like getting a good workout is impossible at the moment. 

But, rather than trying to keep the kids distracted with some Peppa Pig or half an hour of screen time so you can get a decent exercise session in, why not get them involved in your workout?

Creating a home workout for kids is a great way to spend time together as a family and show them the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and the discipline of regular exercise.

So, to help you stay active while getting the kids involved during your home workouts, we’ve put together this list of exercises that are perfect for both adults and children who want to box

Remember, although you’ll be wanting to work up a sweat, get your heart pumping and maintain a good form, for the kids this is more about spending time with you and having fun. 

Of course, you should make sure they don’t do anything that could pull a muscle or hurt themselves, but don’t get bogged down in making sure your little ones keep up a perfect form or finish a full set. Just let them have fun with it!

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Exercises for a home workout for kids and adults

Begin with a fun warm-up with your kids. 

You can turn a game they’ll already know the rules to into a high-energy workout. Games such as Musical Statues are great to get kids warmed up and ready for exercise.

Instead of having them dance about before freezing still when the music stops, you can adapt this game so that your kids run laps of the garden and, instead of freezing when the music stops, have them complete a rep of 5 star jumps or burpees. 

5 to 10 minutes of this and everyone’s heart rates should be up, their blood should be pumping and you should be ready to workout together. 

Once you and the kids are warmed up, you can move on to your main workout. A combination of these exercises will give you and your kids a good workout and will introduce your children to the fundamentals of boxing.

Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing is a great way to get your kids to start throwing punches without the risk of them hurting themselves or each other. And because there’s no contact you won’t necessarily need to spend out on gloves for them.  

It will teach you and your kids’ self-control and stamina while also helping to improve everyone’s technique and form. You can get the kids to copy your moves and stance to show them the right techniques and form. 

Sock Drills

This is a simple drill that works to develop evasion and footwork skills but with the added bonus of being fun for everyone involved. 

Tuck a sock in the neck of each of your kids’ t-shirts and in the waistband of your shorts or hang it out of your pocket. The goal of the drill is to snatch away an opponent’s sock while protecting your own. 

This will teach your kids how to weave and evade an opponent while also building their stamina through a gentle cardio work out. You want everyone running about and having fun, but the key to this drill is to have everyone pushing to try and grab someone else’s sock; sitting on the sidelines won’t work here. 

There are loads of different ways you can score this drill and it’s easy to adapt to keep it fresh for you and your kids. You can give out points for numbers of socks collected, or have people complete a rep of situps or burpees when they lose a sock. 

Because it’s so easy to customise, you can keep the game going for as long as you want; until all the socks have been collected or just call it quits when everyone is worn out. 

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Working with a Punching Bag

Training with a punching bag is, of course, a great way to train at home if you have one. And, with the right protection, your kids can get involved with it too. 

If you have a punching bag at home, get your kids to work up their stamina and core strength by throwing punches at it. But, be sure to hold on to the bag for them to make sure they don’t have any accidents or get bashed by the bag as it swings back. 

To protect your little one’s hands, we recommend the Cleto Reyes Kids’ Sparring Gloves

Test their endurance by getting your kids to go for as long and fast as they can punching the bag. And, when they’re worn out, you can show them how it’s done and get your workout on the punching bag. 

Skipping Races

Skipping is a fantastic way to workout for boxers. The high energy aspect gives you a great cardio workout while getting your hands and your feet to work together to jump the rope helps to improve your footwork and coordination.

And, when you’re doing a home workout for kids with your family, skipping is a great exercise to throw into the mix. 

Many kids will already have skipping ropes at home or will have at least played skipping in the playgrounds at school. 

If you’ve got enough ropes for everyone, you could have a race to see who can last the longest without getting in a tangle; a bit of healthy competition is great to bring out your kids’ drive and determination.

Or, if you’ve only got one rope to pass around between you all, get each of your kids to have a go and count how many skips they can get to in a minute or, time how long they can go for. Highest number or longest time skipping wins!

Hopefully, these suggestions for a home work out for kids and adults alike will help you to get in a good home workout as a whole family during the lockdown. 

And, remember, the most important thing is that you have fun together as a family. If you can show your kids that exercising is fun and enjoyable, you’ll be setting them up for a lifetime of healthy habits!

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