Deontay Wilder Vs Luis Ortiz: The Bronze Bomber KO’d King Kong to Retain WBC Heavyweight Belt

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder made it 40 wins in 40 fights in the biggest test of his career on Saturday night (March 3 2018), defeating Luis Ortiz to retain his WBC heavyweight title.

Whilst it took Wilder 10 rounds to overcome a spirited Luis Ortiz, he showed his mettle defending his World Boxing Council title for the 7th time.

Luis “King Kong” Ortiz was always going to be a tough opponent for Wilder at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Ortiz entered the ring having previously been unbeaten and with a significant weight advantage.

Ortiz started brightly until Wilder dropped him hard at the end of the fifth round. A huge right hand staggered him, followed by another blockbuster right that floored him.

Ortiz came back though, hurting Wilder badly in round seven and threw several heavy shots that had Wilder in trouble; Wilder walked into a short right hook, straight left and then another walloping second right hook from Ortiz, which wobbled him. A mighty scare, but Wilder dug deeper than ever before, soaking up the battering and surviving the round.

Rounds 7 and 8 continued to prove a rocky period for the champion. Ortiz, who’d scented victory, was going flat out to try and end the fight, but Deontay weathered the typhoon and the 9th round saw a calmer more collected Wilder  still vulnerable against the ropes, but with a clear head.

Ortiz went down hard in the 10th from Wilder’s lunging right hook. Ortiz made the count but was finally dropped to end it shortly thereafter with a well-timed left hook and a hellacious right uppercut.

Referee David Fields stepped forward to stop the breathtaking fight. It was a stunning end to a supreme showcase of talent and raw courage in the heavyweight division.

Tired, tested, and generously acknowledging of a brave challenger Deontay said after the fight:

A true champion always finds a way to come back and that’s what I did tonight. Luis Ortiz is definitely a crafty guy. He put up a simply great fight. We knew we had to wear him down. I showed everyone I can take a punch!  When he leaves tonight Luis Ortiz can hold his head high. He gave the fans a hell of a fight.

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