How to Clean Ceto reyes Boxing Gloves

How to Care for your Cleto Reyes Gloves

Cleto Reyes boxing gloves are crafted by Mexican artisans with the materials of the highest quality.


Along with other boxing training equipment, your Cleto Reyes sparring gloves and contest boxing gloves take more of a beating than your average sportswear. Everything gets sweaty in a gym especially you, your opponent and the boxing bag so preventing a smelly, sweaty set of gloves is essential.

It’s important to note when searching for information about boxing glove care, you will find a lot of advice related to synthetic gear. This advice mostly won’t apply to Cleto Reyes gloves as they are made from high-quality leather; a different type of care and maintenance is needed.

How to Clean Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

The Champions Gloves Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Straight from the official Cleto Reyes ‘care and maintenance guide’, here is what you need to keep your boxing gloves clean and in optimum condition.

Always Wear Clean Hand Wraps

Make sure your hand wraps are fresh and dry each time you put on your boxing gloves. As well as providing you with protection, hand wraps soak up some of the moisture inside. Also, avoid wearing hand wraps more than once without washing them and don’t roll up used hand wraps and put them inside your gloves.

Remove Excess Moisture After Each Use

Cleto Reyes leather products cannot be washed or soaked. After you have used your boxing gloves, wipe over thoroughly with a damp cloth or rag to remove the excess moisture. This moisture is most likely the sweat and bacteria that comes from your sparring partners face or the boxing bag. If you don’t, then dust, dirt and other foreign matter will build up and pull moisture from the leather. Also, wipe out the inside of your gloves with a clean absorbent cloth.

Air Out to Prevent Bad Smells After Use

Once your boxing gloves start to smell, it is very difficult to get rid of the odour. You can prevent this by opening the gloves (after you’ve wiped out the excess moisture) and leaving them in a cool, ventilated place. Also, do not use freshening products such as Febreze, as this only hardens the leather.

Periodically Apply a Leather Conditioner

Every week or so, it’s good to feed the leather of your Cleto Reyes Gloves and apply a leather conditioner or saddle soap. This periodic treatment will keep your gloves from cracking and maintain the leather’s optimum condition.

Never leave your Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves in your Gym Bag

In other words, take your gloves home and don’t let them fester in a sweaty, damp gym bag. It’s the place where bacteria and dirt will damage the leather of your gloves.

Never Expose your Cleto Reyes Gloves to Sunlight or Heat

Do not expose directly to the sunlight, use a drying machine or any other heat source. These sources of heat lead to the leather losing its properties and your gloves can become brittle.

Never Wash or Soak your Cleto Reyes Glove

Unlike advice for synthetic gloves, you cannot, and must not, wash Cleto Reyes Gloves. Either soaking by hand or otherwise. Wiping your boxing gloves over with a cloth each time after use and airing them is the best way to keep the leather clean.

Never Use a Washing Machine or Dryer

This will simply ruin the leather, the materials and the structure of your Cleto Reyes boxing gloves. They are made for endurance and power in the boxing ring, not in the drum of a washing machine.

The manufacturing process and texture of the leather make each pair of boxing gloves a unique product. During production, Cleto Reyes maintains strict quality control to ensure the maximum performance of their gloves. Make sure you follow this care and maintenance guide, because ultimately if you look after your gloves, they will look after you.

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