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Choosing the perfect Hand Wraps for Boxing

If the Glove Fits: Choosing the Perfect Hand Wraps for Boxing

Comfort is the name of the game when it comes to boxing, ensuring your hands are always well protected so you can enjoy your training and make the most of your sparring. One very important part of this is knowing what size hand wraps you need to go inside your boxing gloves and how to wear them to make your sessions as comfortable as possible.

man wrapping red boxing hand wraps before boxing training

Measuring Your Hands for Hand Wraps

The most straightforward and effective way to determine what size traditional hand wraps you’ll need is to first determine what size boxing gloves you should wear.

We have a handy guide on selecting the right size boxing glove for you here, with the general rule of thumb being to measure the circumference of your hand from below the knuckles and avoiding the thumb. Pair this with your weight and round up or down if you need to to find the right size.

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Now add hand wraps into the mix. It follows the same principle of measuring the circumference of your hand and then selecting the right size. Smaller hands will need smaller wraps though for added protection you can go a size up and wrap your hand more securely.

Hand wraps most commonly come in sizes between 120 inches and 180 inches as this covers the biggest average of hand sizes. There are options for 108 and 200 as well though, making sure there’s always something for everyone.
The best recommendation is to generally go for 180 inches. As a larger hand wrap, it accommodates all sizes of hands and in boxing, it’s always better to have more material than less in order to afford your hands and wrists better protection.

How to Put on Your Hand Wraps

Hand wraps generally come with a loop that goes over the thumb, providing an anchoring point for the wrapping. The best method is to wrap over the back of your hand instead of the front to help it be as secure as possible while training.

Wrap around the wrist a few times to make sure it’s stiff and well-protected. Protecting the wrist is one of the most important parts of boxing due to the stress on the hands.

man wrapping white boxing hand wraps in the gym

Move the wrapping around over your knuckles, wrapping those a few times as well before starting to wrap around your fingers making them as secure as possible. Start between the little finger and the ring finger and end with wrapping the thumb.

Always remember with the wrap around that every time you finish a finger and move back to wrap between the next two, you should be making an ‘x’ shape on the back of your hand with the wrapping.

Flip your hand over and wrap around the thumb once before moving the wrapping in a downwards direction towards your wrist. Then wrap the knuckles a couple more times or more depending on the size of your hands, cross over the back of the hand and secure the hand wrap in place at the wrist with the velcro seal.

Put on your boxing glove afterward to make sure the fit is right for you and you feel comfortable. The important thing with hand wrapping is to not be too tight and cut off circulation and also to make sure the boxing glove isn’t too tight. If it is, it might be worth considering going for a smaller hand wrap – or bigger if the glove feels too loose.

Benefits of Using Hand Wraps

The right size hand wraps will be hugely beneficial to your training and sparring sessions and help offer the ebay protection in a bout.

One of the best things about hand wraps is their strength and elasticity. This makes them a smug, secure fit with the additional wrist support protecting them from damage when throwing hits.

man punching a boxing bag with grey hand wraps

Hand wraps support the bones in your hands by giving you a tight secure fist that keeps your hand and wrist aligned so that the risk of injury is significantly lessened.

It’s important to make sure the material is breathable too so your hands don’t get stuffy and sweat doesn’t accumulate. This adds to the comfort factor and it also means you can get more use out of them before a wash.

Always make sure you have enough hand wraps as well as they’re bound to get sweaty from hours of training.

The benefits of traditional hand wraps are emphasised by the existence of quick wraps. These are shorter than the more highly recommended hand wrap and don’t provide nearly as much protection to the wrist, with the wrap being too thin and restricted to provide the proper protection.

This emphasises the importance of finding the right size of hand wrap. The hand wrap and the boxing glove work in tandem to protect your hand and make your fighting style more secure, powerful, and effective.

The right size hand wraps for your boxing gloves are the best way to guarantee extra protection for your hands and wrists and make your boxing sessions that much more comfortable and enjoyable. Make sure you’ve got enough material to pad your hands and wrists as much as possible without restricting blood flow and you’ll be good to go for your next training session!

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