KSI vs Logan Paul: YouTube live boxing match

KSI and Logan Paul at their weigh-in

Photo Credit: BBC News


Two of YouTube’s biggest and most controversial stars faced each other in a live boxing match this month.

KSI vs. Logan Paul was a two-part amateur boxing match between respective British and American YouTube personalities KSI and Logan. The YouTube live boxing match caused a media frenzy.

Briton KSI is a social media star with over 19.4 million subscribers and US star Paul has over 18.2 million subscribers.

Neither are boxers, but the fight caused a media sensation.

The hype around the fight between the two rival YouTubers resulted in a wopping 15,000 tickets being sold for the fight in Manchester. Thousands more fans paid £7.50 each to watch it live on YouTube.

Excited to be a part of such a massive event, we were ready to award a WBC Championship belt to the winner!

Paul dominated the first two rounds of the match, with KSI proving to have more stamina. They taunted each other throughout, throwing each other insults as well as punches.

Both reality stars insisted that they had won at the end of the six rounds, but the final decision was a draw.

Fans are pleased that both YouTube stars have now insisted on a re-match.

KSI is the confident 25-year-old British gamer, comedy vlogger and rapper whose videos have racked up 4.4 billion views, despite heavy criticism for his posts.

Logan Paul is the 23-year-old US prankster (and former wrestler) who made his name on Vine before moving to YouTube, where he’s had 3.9 billion views, he has also had his fair share of criticism for his posts.

Both cultivated a frenzied online feud in order to publicise this bout and fans were not disappointed by the exciting match.

Their brothers Jake Paul (4.9 billion views) and Deji (3.3 billion) fought on the undercard.

It’s now rumoured that the re-match could be in New York so that the time difference may allow fans in the UK and US to watch it live. Watch this space!

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