Bellew Bows out at the hands of Usyk

Tony Bellew suffered at the hands of a classy Oleksandr Usyk in their four-belt showdown on Saturday night.

The fight was ended in the eighth-round when Bellew finally succumbed to a staggering left which floored him. Usyk is still unbeaten, holding all four cruiserweight world titles and is likely to step up a division, aiming to challenge for the heavyweight crown.

For Bellew, it was not the fairytale end to his career, but there was also no shame in his exit.


“It’s definitely over now, you won’t see me in a boxing ring again, I just want a normal life, I don’t want this pressure.”

“I only created the name Tony Bellew to make my dad proud. I’ve never been Tony Bellew, I’ve always been Anthony. Everyone who truly knows me calls me Anthony. Tony Bellew died on Saturday, Anthony Bellew comes back alive. I want reality back.”

“I sit here as a loser but I have won in life. When I was expelled from school I had nothing and nowhere to go. Me and my three boys are multi-millionaires and I have earned every single penny by punching people in the face.”

Usyk Bellow

Bellew, a former WBC cruiserweight champion, dropped back down to the 200lbs division to face the champion he had branded a “monster” in a final throw of the dice following thrilling back-to-back heavyweight wins over David Haye.

Underdog “Bomber” boxed well and was ahead on the scorecards of two out of three judges until a devastating left hook ended any hopes of becoming the first Briton to hold all four world titles in any division.

“I just tried to take that one final step and, you know what, I wasn’t good enough but I’ll be able to live with that forever,” insisted Bellew.

“If I wouldn’t have taken this fight, that would have killed me because I would have always been ‘was I good enough?’ The fact of the matter is I just wasn’t, he’s better than me.”

“If I’m being honest I got tired for the first time in my entire career. I don’t know why or how it happened but I just got tired. He’s brilliant, I have no bad words to say about Oleksandr, I only wish him well.”

“I went out against the best cruiserweight and he can lay claim to being the greatest cruiserweight of all time.”

“No excuses, I gave it everything I had, I couldn’t have prepared any better. My career is over. I’ve been doing this for 20 years.”