Adaptive athlete in a wheelchair lifting weights.

Weekday Adaptive Boxing Workouts Supported by WBC

So we’re into our fourth week of lockdown here in the UK. I think, for the most part, people are starting to get used to this new kind of norm; creating new routines, rediscovering once loved pass times they’ve had no time to do for years and even taking up new hobbies. 

Since Week One of the social distancing measures, I have been working with the other coaches from my local boxing club to provide online fitness classes to our standing and adaptive boxers. They have been a great way of keeping in contact with each other and maintaining some kind of workout routine. 

Woman in wheelchair performing exercise with dumbbell in clinic

Creating a community during Coronavirus

As the community of wheelchair users in the group increased, I was asked whether I could put on a daily class especially for our adaptive friends. I decided to run this as a 3-week trial, and just a few days later we held our first ‘Weekday Wheelchair Workout”. We now have 29 members in the group, age ranging from 13 to 55. It’s been so lovely, getting to know the newbies; sharing jokes, experiences and stories of hope, which have been very much welcomed, especially during these difficult and testing times. 

Since starting the new classes, we have even received interest from the Rising Stars, Dubai; a service that creates awareness and celebrates talents, sports, culture and the arts for the SEN (special and educational needs) community in Dubai. I’m pleased to say that we will be joining forces with them so their members can enjoy our online sessions! 

As if that wasn’t already exciting enough… Following a feature on round 15 of the live WBC Talks, hosted by Mauricio Sulaiman, I am super happy to announce that Scott Welch, Chairman of WBC Cares UK has offered to fund the classes as part of our WBC Safer Adaptive Boxing Programme! This means that we can continue to run these classes and they will remain absolutely free of charge to everyone! 

The classes can be accessed by joining the Facebook page; ‘Weekday Wheelchair Workouts with Luiz Faye’ every weekday morning from 10.30 am.

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