The Cleto Reyes sparring gloves feature an effective water repellent lining to prevent moisture from entering the gloves. The attached thumbs help prevent eye or thumb injuries during training sessions or workouts.

The beautiful, clean design is guaranteed by the manufacturer and offers reliable wrist support and maximum movement. You can train or workout with confidence, knowing you are using the best boxing glove on the market, loved by WBC World Champions from all over the world.

Leather wrap around wrist closure sparring gloves.

Available in 12oz, 14oz (+£5 16oz (+£10) 18oz (+£10)



12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18oz

White Cleto Reyes Velcro Sparring Gloves


Manufactured from the highest quality materials in Mexico, WBCME is the official Cleto Reyes distributor in the UK and Europe.

Authentic White Cleto Reyes sparring gloves handmade in Mexico, from the highest quality materials.
Cleto Reyes white leather sparring gloves with leather velcro wrap around wrist closure. The velcro closure makes it easy to put on and take off.

Perfect for beginners and advanced boxers alike. With its innovative design for maximum comfort and performance, the Reyes white boxing gloves are perfect for workouts sessions.

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